DIRILIS Season FIVE with Urdu Subtitles


WATCHING Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

Diriliş: Ertuğrul Turkey is the most efficient Turkish TV to send late. The arrangement has made Engine Alton Digital, a commonly known name in the name of a famous name, in Turkey and far from home. A good example of his character’s presentation has now been widely described. I made up the lost time with him at the Ajal Film Festival

Engine Alton Dezatan began appearing in December 2014 as the authoritative role of the father of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Artool. The rest as it is called is history. Initially organized as a three-season management, it is currently solidifying its fifth, and is being discussed in more than 15 countries. What’s more, he’s not considering the web. In Turkey, this arrangement is entering many family units every Wednesday night, especially as more and more young people in the audience are sitting in front of their screens for a few hours.

It seems fitting that, in fact, it is appropriate that Djeetan was welcomed in Doha, the sixth edition of the Agile Film Festival, aimed at strengthening the support of young people in the film circle, both the observer and film producer. I learned how to get up to the press office in celebration with courage after welcoming him to the legend at Premier Night at Celebrity Lane. In fact, one can say that he is especially prominent in the Arab world. Seeing the fans who leave the woodwork to take selfies with them, I chose to end the inquiry “Can you tell us about your success at events around the world?” .

“I think the activities that appeal to young people to be associated with film are completely remarkable. There are jurors aged between eight and 21, showing them how to watch movies from different parts of the world. I suggest that it is unusual in Turkey to have such a celebration on which they decide. “We must celebrate a celebration that is around putting resources into youth. It can give a model. Film is a force that can influence social order, and for many young people it is an extraordinary open door for people to prove themselves as people, promote their inventions and see their reality.