DIRILIS Season FOUR with Urdu Subtitles

WATCHING Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

We are representing Season Four with Urdu subtitles. After the death of Ertiglol, who was killed in the treacherous mystery of Iris, Amir Saadatin will realize his plan to defeat the Iris Turks while maintaining their power. Ertegrol, who was known to have killed everyone, was actually rescued by Antioch, the slave trader Simcoe’s man. Ertegrol is unaware of everything while Simcoe wants to use Ertgarol as a trump against Ares.

Ertgarol, Pithu, and the other slaves got together and managed to escape from Simcoe. On the other hand, Deendra’s rhinoceros and Singor Tekken’s decision to move in the KI aspect created anger. In the end, what will be the new target of ArtGirl, which is saved in the hands of Simcoe? Can he learn to make a net for himself? Most importantly, will he be able to go back to the village? In front of the returning argol to his village, the exams are difficult. How will he deal with Dender and Iris, who have set up a trap for themselves while trying to stop the Hanley Market sale? There are also plans for the conquest of the Karakorah Palace in the next movements of Ertogorol, fully authorized by the Sultan. Ertegrol seeks the Turgot and Islihan for the prisoners, trying to conquer the Kara Hassar fort. After this grave, what will the brave, rich Saeeduddin, and Aries face?

It is necessary for Ertogrul to set forth new plans and practices regarding Amir Saadaldin and Aris and make decisions regarding the raids of the Vader village and the fort. Artgarol plans to capture the brave village, trying to save the Gonds. Will Amir Saeed-ud-Din prevent Artegol from meeting the Sultan, intending to kill Sultan Alauddin? Eertgol will make plans to conquer Qaraqisar Castle and Ares will try to stop it. On the other hand, the Turgat and Aslihan villages try to distort the plans of the brave B, who is considering printing. What will Eratugarul B do against the treacherous Bahadur Bay who burned down the Galileans for the conquest of the Kaihaysar fort and occupied the dar-waddar village with a raid? Ertgol, who has no obstacles to conquer Kraiysar fort, faces Ares, waiting to be trapped and killed.

Ertagol destroyed the brave and his family, he went out to conquer the Kaihaysar fort. Iris managed to escape by hiding herself in the dead. Ertagul plans to trap Aris in the Hanalei Pazar, which he wants to take to confess everything. On the contrary, the rich are Saeeduddin. Airtighol’s desperate struggle continues on Konya Road. Iris’ confession and Ertagol’s reaction will be heavy, as he will be staying with the Saudis in Konya. Arias confirms all Ertagol’s claims, citing his cooperation with Amir Saeeduddin in the presence of the Sultan. Ertegol believes that Amir Saadatin has not received the punishment he deserves. The only purpose of Ertagol is to interfere with the movement of Amir Saadatin against the Sultan. Ertegol falls into the trap of Amir Saeeduddin and is accused of killing Sultan Alauddin. How will Eertgol be decided?