DIRILIS Season ONE with Urdu Dubbing


WATCHING Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1

The exercises are a series about Usman’s father who was the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Usman’s father’s name is Artgarol. He is a  brave & kind man. The name Oghz is the name of a tribe. Ertagul was the son of Suleiman Shah, who was the leader of the tribe. The Kai tribe was very famous for fighting in the armies of its soldiers. In the first season, the Kai tribe was at war with the Templars. Ertgarol loves the Sultan’s daughter. Later, he marries her. Suleiman is the brave and wise B of King Kai. He tells his sons to follow the straight path. Eertgol and his teammates face many challenges during the season. When he brought Halim his love into the trab, his brother Gildaro did not accept him. She believes that she is the daughter of the Sultan, so she can cause many disasters in the tribe.

Ertgarol is a brave soldier so he does not worry about any disasters and has brought Halim into the tribe and married him. Season One is in the dubbing Urdu we were broadcast on the stars. On the Internet, there is no HD quality other than the GoM5 website. The Ottoman Empire is the longest reign of Muslims. Therefore it has always been an important part of the history of the Muslims. The Ottoman Empire is not only long in one period, which is about 800 years old. When the Ottoman Empire is over, there are now about 47 countries

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