DIRILIS Season THREE with Urdu Subtitles

  WATCHING Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

Following the completion of Season Two with Urdu Subtitles with many challenges, we are now representing Season Three with the Urdu Subtitles. This is Season 3 of Urdu with subtitles. In the past season, Ertegul has migrated to the Byzantine borders with his trusted people. After the emigration, the Kayi tribe faces more and more challenging challenges.

They have more enemies. They are not like the Mongols who fight like brave warriors. These enemies are different who are setting up networks and playing games. They are on the face and inside. Ertogrol and his teammates are facing a lot of trouble this season. This ertugrul season is interesting than last season. Too many people suffered. Some people in Kiev martyred this season. Ibn al-Arabi is there to help ArtGirl in his prayers. As you have seen last season, Hayama’s mother has finally come up with Ertagol when she learns about Gilderoy buying the Bez vote. Ertagol has to take care of the people of his tribe who have relied on him. The first challenge was to feed them. Everyone is worried about their children.

The whole tribe is looking at Artgarol as their hope. Ertagol went to the market to sell his goods and you will see the challenge he faces there. This season is more thrilling than Season 2, as Season One was more thrilling than Season One. Keep watching this season especially at http://ghaziertugrul.com